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Collar Joint RCC Pipes

Collar Joint pipes are available only in grade NP2. Fitted with a collar in between, these pipes have simple joints. It is used in those areas where the load anticipated on such pipe installations is estimated to be low.

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Flash Joint RCC Pipes

Flush Joint pipes are demanded locally. Available in NP3 and NP4 grades, these pipes provide substantially secure joints. Simple to handle, Flush Joint pipes are the best choice for more localised projects. It finds good demand in the local markets of West Bengal and other states.

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Spigot Socket RCC Pipes

Spigot Socket pipes or SS Joint pipes, as they are more popularly known, provide excellent joint which guarantees longevity and adequate safety. Used with a rubber ring, the spigot and the socket fit into each other. Available in grades of NP3 and NP4, Spigot Socket pipes are used in all the major sewage and drainage work being undertaken.

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