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Flash Joint RCC Pipes

Flush Joint pipes are demanded locally. Available in NP3 and NP4 grades, these pipes provide substantially secure joints. Simple to handle, Flush Joint pipes are the best choice for more localised projects. It finds good demand in the local markets of West Bengal and other states.


  • IS : 458:2003
  • Diameter Range: 300 MM DIA to 1000 MM DIA
  • Class: NP3 & NP4
  • Length Range: 1.25 MTR to 2.5 MTR
  • Male-Female Type
  • Flash Joint

Various tests conducted at our facility include the following for precise assessment of our RCC based products:

  • Dimensions Check
  • Three-Edge Bearing Test
  • Hydrostatic Test
  • Permeability Test


  • For effluent discharge in sewerage
  • For agricultural purposes
  • For storm water drainage
  • As road culverts and cross drainage
  • As water mains for supply
  • Used for cistern and pump houses
  • Irrigation Purpose
  • Drainage of water/waste water
  • Culverts/Sewer & other Construction purposes
  • Laying Telecommunication Cables
  • Laying Power Cables Underground
  • Road Crossing Bridges & Pipe Lines


  • Toughness
  • Excellent strength
  • High durability

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